"Doing Something is Better Than Doing Nothing"

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#LetDoSomething (#LDS) started with a vision from God.

In such a short amount of time, #LDS has soared to new heights! With a goal to GROW, SERVE and BLESS, #LDS has impacted the lives of many. In just 3 months, the organization has touched the lives of approximately 150 individuals! This includes, feeding, clothing, praying, conversing, uplifting, empowering and serving in areas where there is a need. Serving individuals in the City and Suburban areas, #LDS is starting a new movement while making a huge difference.

#LetDoSomething is continuing to grow. With 40 volunteers who have expertise in many areas, #LDS will do exceedingly and abundantly to ensure that we bless each individual served in one way or another.  Due to the diversified dynamics we see on a daily basis, #LDS will ensure that the "do something"  in each event is varied and the right target population is touched. So far, #LDS has targeted homeless individuals and homeless mothers. In the near future, #LDS will be targeting low income Seniors Citizens, Males and Students.  

Take a moment to look at the impact. You too, may share your stories and join the movement! This organization welcomes anyone who's willing join - because "doing something is better than doing nothing."